My So Called Dizzy Life

My Chronicles of Vertigo, Nystagmus, Imbalance & Dizziness

Hopefully My Body Reads This Blog

on August 7, 2012

Dear Body,

I realize that you have been going through a lot lately.  Really, I do.  I’ve been trying my best to keep you hydrated and to feed you all sorts of yummy, nourishing things (when I’m not feeling nauseous.)  Nothing but good, healthy things have touched your lips for months (with the exception of that cheesecake in the hospital; but you needed it, trust me.)  I try to give you a good night’s sleep, although you don’t seem to cooperate very often anymore.

OK, so going back to work part-time is a big deal.  I know that you ache with exhaustion.   I know that your head hurts (has it ever stopped hurting since this started?) I know that your eyes feel tired and strained.  I know that it takes a lot to make you get up and do your vestibular physical therapy.  Just do what you can.

You’re Pooped.  Exhausted.  Weary.  Drained.  I get it.   I know that you are spending so much energy every day trying to maintain my balance and just trying to stay upright.  I know that your brain is struggling and is so taxed with all the wacky signals it’s getting.  It’s not fair, but you will have to work harder to do the things that other people take for granted, even basic things like walking & keeping your vision focused.  (I know, it’s really not fair.)

Don’t give up on me, Body.  It’s easy to feel down, but you can do it.  You are not lazy.  Tell that brain of yours to stop thinking those thoughts.  Let go of your guilt.  You are doing enough.  Stop imagining that everyone thinks you are lazy.  Who cares if someone else thinks you are lazy?  They don’t know what you go through.  They don’t know the feeling of fatigue that this crazy dizziness gives you.  Let go of caring what other people think.

Yes, everything requires more energy now.  Everything. I know you are putting in a lot of effort.  You are strong.  We can do this together.  Some days we will be able to do more than other days.  That’s OK.

We are filled with strength.

p.s. Erik & I got you some Lemon Zest Aromatherapy lotion.  Breathe it in and feel energized.  Tomorrow’s a new day.


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